Friday, April 14, 2006

The Simpsons

After nap time, there was an hour left, thought watch my favourite show The Simpsons

nap time

After having lunch - carrot sticks and grilled chicken sandwitch (i had to buy) thought have a nap

In the Air

i thought it be nice to look out of the window in mid air

Emergency Exits

I thought it be funny to be like a stewardess and show the rest of the aircraft exits

Air Canada EMB 175 Safety Card

I was looking for something with Air Canada on it and found this Aircraft Safety Card

Air Console

I found this Air Console pretty cool, i liked the shape and design of it, kind futuristic looking

LCD Screens on Air Canada

These LCD screens are behind each seat on Air Canada, and they have touch screen and you can select movies, tv shows,

Air Canada Plane EMB 175

Houston Trip - Day 1

Happy Good Friday!

Right now i am in houston tx, or to be more specific Sugarland Tx, its bout 25 miles from Houston

My journey to Houston, Tx, became Wednesday 12th 2006.

Yes i know alittle late posting this, but i was busy and trying to setup my blogspot

I woke up around 8:30am got showered dressed, then did some last minute packing and then had to go to the bank to get some Canadian Dollars Changed to American dollars. Suprisingly I got $42.50 US for $50 Canadian, the lady at Scotia Bank said the rate is $1.16. When she was counting the money to me and gave me the dollars i noticed they werent Green, they have bit of shade of red to them. I like the original green dollar bill.

We left the house around 10:30 and we went to my dad work, my uncle was gonna drop us to the airport. The airport is like 5 minutes from his work.

When we arrived at Terminal 2 at Pearson Airport, (Terminal 2 has all flights to US and some to Canada also) it was like a ghost town, and completely died.

we got 2 trolleys, and u know the prices went up for the airport trolley eh, its like $2, i remember couple years ago it used to be $1 and you used to get your money back, and now you only get like .50 back.

We loaded our stuff on a Trolley then we went in and then went to check in our baggages, then the lady was weighing our baggesg and putting tags on them.
She goes "i'll try to put you r seat together" I went no its fine, lol. I like sitting by myself on the plane it pretty fun.

She gave our boarding passes, then we went into customs and their was no line, normally their is a huge lineup.

We had to go to Booth 7, the customs lady asks where are you going? my dad says Houston, tx and the lady goes its says Sugarland on the customs card. Its 2 different cities, sugarland is a suburb 2 different cities, trust me she goes, and then asked us couple of questions and goes have a good trip.

We unloaded our luggage into the conveyer belt, and the guys goes "wheel side up please" then we went into the security check area, i took off my hat, took out my change from my jacket , belt buckle and went thru the metal detector, and put my baggage thru the xray machine. Luckily they didnt take my extra set of arm rods.

We were done and in the departure lounge by 12:15 and we hang out talking, and i was bored so i went to look around went to the RELAY store, - its an convenice/book store in all terminals. I met my old coworker their, and started talking to him

By 1:25 they were making announcements to for preboarding, i got my carry on baggage, got my boarding pass and headed to the plane.

The Aircanada Planes are new EMB 175 medium size, kinda a tight seatin, all the seats were 2 seaters and none 3 seaters. The plane was full, about like 17 or 20 people. Back on each of the seats they had lcd screens.

The flight was 3 hours and 6 minutes.

The bad thing about the flight was you had to buy the food.

End of Part 1