Saturday, April 15, 2006

Part 2

Part 2

I had to buy food on Air Canada, the prices are not bad, i had carrot sticks with dip($2.50) and bought a grilled chicken sub($5) from Swiss Chalet, total was $13.
The good thing was that you could pay either in American or Canadian dollars. The downfall was the airhostess said please have exact change, i had a $20 bill canadian, but luckily the airhostess had change.
Half an hour left to go to Houston, and there was huge turbalance in the plane, for 5 - 10 mins, the plane was shaking and the captain put on the seat belt sign.

We landed at Bush Continetal Airport @ 4:00pm Houston Time, the temperture was 70 F, we got out of the plane, and headed to baggage Claim.
We had to get the trolley, and the price for the trolley is $3. We waited for 5- 10 minutes for our luggage. We had total of 5 luggage then my uncle called to let us know he will be there in 10 minutes. we went outside and it was nice and humid, and we waited on the bench.

Alot of people in Houston, have gas guzzlers like pickup trucks, suvs.

Few minutes later my aunt came to pick us up, we loaded our luggage into my Aunts Cheyenne and headed to Sugarland.

From the Airport to Sugarland took us about like an hour due to the fact of busy rush hour, and construction of tollways.

We passed like total of 4 -5 tollways on the way.

Around 5pm we arrived in Sugarland, and then we got a tour of the house, and wow the view of the backyard is unbelivable, all backyards have a huge lake and with paddle boats, it looks like Venice. We had tea in the backyard and sat there for couple of hours


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